What is the birthstone for December?

Hello all, its DECEMBER now. It’s time to look at your birth month stones. Wearing the birthstone jewelery is on trend now. We are here to help you finding out the December birthstones and makes it easier to gift yourself and your favorite one.
Tanzanite is one of the birthstones of December. It is a blue and violet colored gemstone which attracts most of the gemstone collectors by its brilliant color combination. This intense blue color of the gemstone is caused by the amounts of vanadium present in it. Tanzanite gemstone has an interesting reason behind its naming, it was initially named as blue-violet zoisite then it was renamed as tanzanite by “Tiffany & Co” as their marketing team suggested that the previous name will not be consumer friendly.
It is a pleochroic gemstone. Pleochroism is a property of gemstone in which the stone appears to have multiple colors by different angle of light setting. It looks like blue color from one direction and violet to red color from another angle. Tanzanite is not only a December birthstone; it is also the 24th wedding anniversary gemstone. Tanzanite can be worn as pendants or earrings. The best way to clean the tanzanite is with mild warm water and mild detergent. Chemical cleaning or mechanical cleaners is not recommended for cleaning the gemstone.

Blue topaz:
High quality blue topaz is mainly extracted from the southeast Africa. It is the semi-precious gemstone from the family of mineral topaz. It has a wide range of colors including London blue, sky blue, Swiss blue and intense inky blue. Though it has wide variety of colors, Brazilian blue topaz is liked by many people due to its unusual color and size. The level of hardness for blue topaz on the Mohs scale is 8. Even though it has high hardness value, chemical cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning should be avoided in order to retain the life of the gem. It is the stone of the fourth and nineteenth wedding anniversary.

It is addressed as stone of love which has the property of strengthening your relationship. Blue topaz is one of the rare gemstones in the world. Present a rare gemstone to your loved one and make them feel more precious.

Zircon is one of the modern December birthstones along with turquoise, topaz and tanzanite. It is the natural and semi-precious gemstone which is available in most of the colors like blue, yellow, red, orange, green and even colorless. The white or colorless variety of zircon is often used as substitute for diamond. Its hardness on the Mohs scale is 7.5. zircons are often liked by many collectors as it has wide range of colors in an affordable price. Zircons are also used for healing properties like reducing fevers, healing asthma and relieving from stomach pains. Women can wear zircon stone as pendants and rings as it can reduce the menstrual pains. It can protect you from nightmares and helps to get a peaceful sleep.

Turquoise is one of the natural gemstones which exist from ancient time. Though it is mined from ancient time it is not known to many of the people. The important source of turquoise gemstone is Iran where it mined for at least 2000 years. Turquoise cabochons suit best to wear as earrings and pendants. It usually occurs in sky blue or robin’s egg blue color. in United States Setting the turquoise in the silver jewelry is in practice. In Iran, it is used with gold and diamond jewelry. Wearing a turquoise jewelry can bring you more positive vibes and make you shine like a star in all the fields. It helps to increase the thinking capability and the decision-making skills. It has the property of healing the respiratory problems.
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