About sphene

The name ‘sphene’ derived from the greek word, “sphen” meaning “wedge”., that helps to the formation of its crystals. Sphene is also referred as “ tittanite” due to its titanium content. The major sources of this gemstones are Canada, Madagascar and mexico.

Nature and colour of the sphene

Sphene has a hardness of 5 to 5.5 in the moh’s scale. Which is relatively lower than other gemstones. It has high birefringence of about 0.105 to 0.135 as a result the stone has visible doubling of faced images.

Sphene occurs in various typical including yellow, orange, brown, and green. Which is created by the presence of iron and rare-earth elements. The ‘chrome’ sphene has intense green color which is due to the presence of chromium.

Healing properties of sphene

Sphene helps great in understanding and communicating information easily with others. So, it is highly recommended for the persons who works in the fields like marketing, debating and linguistics.

It also promotes  the spiritual enlighnment.

Taking care of sphene

Like all other gemstones, sphene is cleaned by using soapy water and rinse well to remove the residues of soapy water. Mechanical cleaning systems like steamer and ultrasonics should not be used.


Sphene can make beautiful jewelry collections when it is cut and maintained properly. It is a best choice for students and workers whom wish to succeed in life.


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