What are Spinel?


Naturally dazzling Spinel has graced the pages of history and many royal crowns due to its resemblance to ruby. Today, however, spinel stands on its own as a remarkable gem. Spinel comes in a wide range of stunning hues and can also exhibit optical phenomena like asterism and color-change. It is generally underappreciated compared to other colored stones, lending itself to more affordable prices. This gem, said in Burma to be polished by the spirits, has a beauty that is difficult to ignore.

For long spinel have been undervalued gemstone in the trade but due to recent demand in reference to alternative for ruby and sapphire, the gemstone has received the recognition it deserves. Spinel have distinct color ranging in all shades, some have received its own trade name i.e., Lavender, Cobalt, Scarlet Red, Vivid Red and many more. These gems are mined from several locality around the world namely few India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Kenya.

History have commonly mistaken Spinel identity with ruby, though it has found its way into the royal vaults and collectors around the world.
Spinel deserve its stand on the royal platform.


- Admin kamil

February 9, 2021 - 7:19 am

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