Planning to upgrade your jewelry box this year! Here are four must have accessories to stack up in your jewelry box. We, girls never have enough dresses and accessories even when our wardrobe is filled with lots and lots of dresses and jewelry. Am I right, hope your nodding your head like me as well? It’s time to load your jewelry box with some sparkling gem jewelries.

I have enough jewelry.
– said No one, Ever

Let me suggest a few tips to make your jewelry box unique

Hunky Tourmaline Earrings:
Shall we peep through your jewelry box? I bet your boxes are filled with usual stud and hoop earrings. It’s time to change the wonted stud and replace it with Hunky Tourmaline Earrings. Hunky earrings are little bit longer than studs embellished with various colorstone, the one with tourmaline stone looks absolute match for all kind of party wears.

Sapphire cluster rings:
Rings with single stone are the basic one we have in our jewelry box. But cluster rings are something different. Cluster rings has large center stone, usually sapphire or ruby are chosen as a center stone that surrounded by same sought of smaller gems. This stands out with all kind of traditional and trendy wears.

Multi-gemstone pendant:
Why always search for a single gemstone pendant isn’t bored? Buy now a multi gemstone pendant fixed gems in a lopsided manner and wear it with high necked t-shirt.
Nothing is attractive more than this.

Rubellite silver bracelet:
One of the stylish ways to team up your outfit is wearing a silver bracelet embedded with gems picking a pink rubellite embellished in the silver circlet will be a brilliant choice of yours ever. You are not fully dressed until you sparkle with gemstone jewelry.

Have a glance at our online store and get your right one out.

- Admin kamil

March 25, 2022 - 3:13 pm

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