Gift of Nature (Aquamarine) for March Born Babies

Let us start with quick snatching some of the history of Aquamarine as because history helps you to craft your own opinion about the gemstone before buying it.

As we all know, Aquamarine gets the name “Aqua- Water” and “Marine- of the sea”, by its color which resembles the color of the sea water.

Like Emeralds, aquamarine belongs to the “Beryl” variety of mineral. Though it has origin from various country, Brazil provides us the first quality of Aquamarine gem.

Aquamarine is considered as the most felicitous and optimistic gem since ancient time. And people decorated their jewelry with this beautiful gem. Mainly people fall for the sparkling sea blue color of the gem. It soothes your pain, reduce your stress.

Tinkling Aquamarine earrings:

A simple way to add elegance to your outfit is matching it with a tinkling Aquamarine Earring. The eye-catchy blue stoned earrings make you to stand out of the crowd. When you wear a high necked or collared t-shirt, your earrings can attract the people towards you.

Encrusted rings:

Having a thought of recreating your precious wedding memory. Aquamarine is not only the birthstone for the month of march but also the gem for 19th wedding anniversary. Whether it may your first or 25 years of togetherness, gift him or her the most romantic aquamarine encrusted ring an make them more cherished.

Stoned bracelet:

In the list of Jewels adding sparkle to your shiny hands, stoned bracelets stand first in its place. Yes, nothing can decorate your hand other than bracelets embedded with sea blue aquamarine gemstone. Try this out now.


Solitary pendants:

Aquamarine pendants stand distinct in your jewelry collections. This fits with all kind of outfit from your like T-shirts from high neckline t-shirts to flowy V-shape necked Maxi dresses.


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March 14, 2022 - 8:40 am

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