Rubellite Tourmaline

Rubellite Tourmaline

About Rubellite:

Rubellite is a transparent and beautiful gemstone from the family of tourmaline.  The name Rubellite comes from the Latin word “Rubellus” meaning reddish.  It is often called as red tourmaline.  It serves as a birthstone for the month of October.  It is mainly found in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria and Pakistan.

Nature and color of Rubellite:

Rubellite has a hardness of 7-7.5 on the moh’s scale.  It has a color ranging from purple red to purple pink. Most desirable colors are deep pinkish red to slightly pinkish red. Rubellite will look gorgeous and attracts people’s attention even when it is placed under any type of lighting.

Healing properties of Rubellite:

Rubellite has a high healing property which can cure motion sickness.  It can restore the luster and shine in your hair and nails.  It gives you a security and stability in life and relationship.  It will make you as a person with dignity and pride in the society.  It gives you a lot of enthusiasm and inspiration.  It nurture and nourishes your physical and spiritual body.

Taking care of Rubellite:

Rubellite should not be handled roughly even though it is a durable jewelry stone. Warm water with mild detergent is preferred for cleaning. Mechanical cleaning process such as ultrasonic and steam systems is not recommended.


Rubellite is a dazzling gemstone which provides wearer a lot of amazing properties. Even though it is quite expensive, still it is worth buying due to its beautiful nature apart from being rare.

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