Peridot – Meaning and its Properties

Looking for a gem, better suits your jewelry? You don’t want to choose diamond for all your collections. There are many other gems which decorates you and your jewelry. One among them is Peridot. Let us see few facts about it.
Peridot is a gem quality olivine mineral which is sometimes called as Chrysolite. It is considered as the birthstone for the month of August and gem for the 16th wedding anniversary. Peridot is often confused with emerald in ancient times due to its similar look and color but the difference is Peridot belongs to the group of Olivine mineral whereas Emerald belongs to the Beryl mineral. Peridot value was lost over many years as green Emerald and green Tourmaline replaced it.
Color of the peridot:
Peridot captures the heart of many peoples by its scintillating green shades. It occurs in green, olive green, brownish green, yellowish to olive green color depends on the amount of iron content in the crystal. Lighter color of the gemstone indicates that it contains lower iron in it. It is also called as evening emerald as its color remains constant under both natural and artificial lighting. Due to its bright dark green, it glows in dark effect.

Healing properties of peridot:
Peridot is called as the Stone of Empathy. It brings good health and gives you a deep sleep. It helps you to lead a peaceful life by making you an emotionally balanced person. It helps to reduce your stress, anger, guilt and boost your level of confidence and positive energy.
Types of peridots:
By the origin of peridot, it is classified as Changbai peridot, Pakistani peridot, Hunan peridot. Among this Pakistani peridot are most popular although it is rare. It is mined in the Suppatt region in Pakistan at a height of about 11,000 feet above. It usually occurs in apple or lime green in color. These stones are well faceted and polished to obtain its maximum beauty.
Care for the peridot:
Just dip a soft, lint free non-abrasive cloth in a warm soap water solution and gently rub your gemstone and rinse with plain water. Make sure to rinse in bowl of water not in the running water to avoid losing it through the drain hole.
It is important to keep it away from extreme heat or fire. Avoid chemical and ultrasonic cleaning.
Never let anyone dull your sparkle. Look different. Put a gem in your life.
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February 7, 2022 - 3:23 pm

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