On the Chase for Easter Gems?

Forth coming Sunday, 17th April will be celebrated as Easter holiday by many people across the world. Easter is one of the Christian holidays that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Different Easter traditions are followed everywhere but spreading love to our loved one for this Easter come about only by gifting them their favorite gem pairs.

Blue topaz pair:
Gifting something to special one without any expectation of a return is the symbol of admiration. Getting gift itself make them happy, to make it double, gift them with amazing blue topaz pair.

Topaz - 13.63 Cts

Yellow kunzite pair:
Nothing says love like this light-yellow fancy kunzite pair. Afford this alluring gemstone pair and make her a pair of earrings and reaffirm your partnership.

Kunzite - 16.75 Cts

Padparacha pink tourmaline:
Pink always has a romantic connection with love and love life. Adorn her with this most gorgeous Padparacha pink tourmaline pair rings.

Tourmaline - 6.96 Cts

Peach pink morganite:
Nothing can stop you falling in love with this lustrous peach pink color of morganite. Snap up this now and enjoy of wearing best.

Morganite - 5.8 Cts

We wishing you all a very outstanding festive celebration and bear in mind “INTL GEM MARKETING” is always there to help you celebrate any occasion with custom-made gem jewelry.
If you have any queries or need any guidance please don’t hesitate to call or text us at any time. We are here to assist you 24×7.

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April 16, 2022 - 3:52 am

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