Father’s Day is around the corner! So, its time to get him a best gift ever. Why do we gift our father? Like, mothers carry her child for ten months in her womb, father carries his child throughout the life in his heart.

To salute his hard work towards moral support for the family growth, its now time to make him feel special with a thoughtful gift.

History of Father’s Day came into extant:

Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910 as “Sonora smart Dodd”, daughter of a civil war veteran decides to dedicate a day for her father, who keep on doing a massive job for raising his five children after passing away of his wife in 1909. Thus, the Father’s Day came into existence.

In today’s world, All English – speaking countries have chosen to celebrate and honor fathers on this day and drizzle them with deluge of gifts to show their love and affection towards him.

Gift for a dad:

Yes, dad’s too love wearing jewelry. Jewelries with gemstones are the perfect one to decorate your father.

Gifting your father with some precious metal ring set out with exquisite gemstone will make him feel proud of you for sure.

Here are some brilliant gemstone collections to gift your father:

Try out this 1.57 Cts Red colored Octagon shaped Spesstite Garnet:

Picking a gift for your dad can need an extra effort and thought, so let us make your work simple check out our excellent collections of gemstones. Just click the images and have a look.

Buy this 1.64 Cts Blue Cushion shaped No Heat Sapphire from Srilanka:

Sapphire - 1.64 Cts


Grab this Marvelous 8.27 Cts Green Cushion shaped Sugar loop Emerald and astonish him:

Emerald - 8.27 Cts



Pick up this Stunning 1.25 Cts Purple Cushion Shaped Spinel and customize with us to make a Perfect Father’s Day Gift:

Spinel - 1.25 Cts

We do customize jewelry.  Celebrate Your Dad with INTL GEM MARKETING. Happy Father’s Day..

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June 15, 2022 - 4:17 am

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