Anniversary Rings

Having an idea of presenting a gift for your beloved one on your anniversary.  Why don’t you give a try on the special anniversary rings collection in our store?

First, let me differentiate between wedding ring and anniversary rings.  Wedding rings are one-time gift given by your partner to symbolize the eternal love and commitment within a relationship.  Whereas, anniversary rings are something special which is gifted every year in the remembrance of your wedding?  If you decided your anniversary gift as rings with gemstone, then why do you get confused with the variety you need to choose?  We are here to guide you to select the rings.  We have wide range of collections.  You can choose either designer ring or custom ring.

Designer rings:-  

If you don’t have any ideas about the ring designs, this option offers you a wide collection of molds and designs, you can select according to your liking and preference.

Custom ring:-

The option of custom ring gives you the opportunity to design your own ring with the style and shape you wish to present your loved one.

Rings are often customized with or without diamonds and center gemstones.  Colored gemstones are the best choice for your anniversary rings.  As diamond is quite expensive, it cannot be offered by everyone.  So, gemstones will be the right choice to compromise the diamond setting.  There are many gemstones still rarer than diamonds which makes your ring more romantic and adorable.

White gold:

Gemstones with darker body color looks great with white gold rings.  Gemstone like Garnet, Emerald, Ruby and Blue Topaz embeds well with white gold and gives you a perfect anniversary gift.

Yellow gold:

As stunning always, yellow gold rings with Blue Sapphire, Green Peridot and Greenish blue Aquamarine makes a mind blowing anniversary gift for your partner.

Rose gold:

Rose gold rings are obtained by mixing of pure gold with other metals.  This gives itself makes the ring look marvelous.  Still rings with the gemstone like Quartz with diamond, Purple Amethyst and Pink Sapphire shows a brilliant choice of your anniversary gifts.


Picking a platinum ring might be “the best” way of celebrating your anniversary.   Choose a platinum ring designed with tanzanite, alexandrite, iolite and green tourmaline gemstones which makes your partner feels so blessed to have you as a better half.

You can even customize the rings with us.  We offer 9k, 14k, 18k White gold, Rose gold, Yellow gold and platinum with the most beloved gemstones you pick from our store.

Celebrate your anniversary with us.  We help you to ready for every occasion.

“Accurate designs just the way you wanted”.  Just STYLE AND SMILE.

- Admin kamil

November 8, 2021 - 7:06 am

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